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Music Rolls and Books

Your instrument only sounds as good as the music it plays - and it is my goal to provide you the best of the best in music rolls and cardboard book music.

In the past, I have offered roll projects as well as individual music rolls. Please contact me below for availability.

Contact me to discuss music I can provide for your instrument!

Look no further for cardboard book music for your fairground organ! New arrangements as well as scanned and edited original music are available.

I have provided arrangements and music for:

  • German Fairground Organs such as Ruth, Gebruder Bruder, Richter, and Wellershaus

  • French Fairground Organs including Gavioli, Limonaire, Marenghi, and Gaudin

  • American Band Organs from Wurlitzer, Artizan, and North Tonawanda

  • Coin pianos such as a Seeburg, Coinola, or Wurlitzer

  • Hand cranked organs including Raffin, Hofbauer, and John Smith

...And quite a bit more that would take too long to list!

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What scales are you interested in?

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Wurlitzer 150?
Wurlitzer 165?
'A' Rolls?
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20 Note Rolls?
31 Note Rolls?

Thanks for submitting!

New Wurlitzer 165 roll 6901 playing on Glen Echo Park's beautiful Wurlitzer 165 band organ.

The Entertainer - Ruth 36 Fairground Organ
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