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Please feel free to visit these other websites related to mechanical musical instruments and places with music machines. 

Favorite Sites

If you are looking to purchase any type of mechanical instrument, look no further than to Tim Trager. With his many years of experience in dealing band organs, orchestrions, and player pianos, rest assured you've found the right dealer for your collection.

The Mechanical Music Press is responsible for "The Golden Age of Automatic Musical Instruments", one of, if not the finest published book on mechanical musical instruments. This site also hosts several extensive reports on a variety of different instruments as well as rollographies.

Mechanical Music Radio is a brand new internet radio station devoted to mechanical musical instruments. Tune in for non-stop band organs, orchestrions, and player pianos. Some of the finest and rare recordings are played daily!

The Mechanical Music Digest, or 'MMD' is one of the oldest as well as most popular sites for discussing mechanical musical instruments. With roots back in the mid 1990's, it's still going strong today with daily emails distributed to its users.

Places To Visit

Knoebels is not only one of the finest amusement parks in America but a hub of mechanical music machines! The park features 5 band organs constantly playing the park with several others which are brought out occasionally. This also is home to a rare Kremer carousel where you can still catch the brass ring.

A trip to Zaharakos is like stepping back 100 years ago. The immaculately restored restaurant is known for it's ice cream and soda as well as its iconic Welte 3 orchestrion still in its original location. Other instruments including a Seeburg L, Ramey Banjo Orchestra, and Mills Violano are also on display.

Clark's Trading Post dates back over 80 years ago and has grown to become one of New Hampshire's best attractions. Known for it's live bear shows and the 'Wolfman', this also has a number of nickelodeons and band organs including a Wurlitzer LX, Seeburg G, Double Mills Violano, Wurlitzer 146-B, and Artizan C-2.

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