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2021-23 Wurlitzer Ten-Tune A.P.P Roll Project 

When I bought my Wurlitzer C orchestrion a couple years ago, I couldn't get enough of the fantastic music... But I wanted more - and knew that there were a number of great rolls that have never been recut!

I quickly familiarized myself with Art Reblitz and Terry Hathaway's wonderful rollography! Wurlitzer made thousands of rolls featuring their own in-house arrangements as well as modified QRS piano roll arrangements. The 65 note piano range - and on larger orchestrions 38 flute and 38 violin pipes allows for exceptionally nice music making Wurlitzer A.P.P instruments some of the most sought after machines.

Not long ago, I was able to locate 40 great rolls only based on titles to take home and play test on my Wurlitzer. After trying each roll individually on my machine, that number reduced down to 12 rolls that I felt I didn't want to go without!

These rolls, I personally feel are the best-of-the-best: narrowed down from just knowing the titles titles to only good arrangements. All of this music dates from the jazz age: the 1920's and early 30's where I feel Wurlitzer's best music was arranged.

Wurlitzer C Orchestrion.JPG

14 sample tunes from these rolls can be played on the left. These are a mix of Wurlitzer arrangements and QRS. Many feature the wonderful bell tracks which give the music a wonderful bright sound! These are on a 'virtual' simulation of a Wurlitzer orchestrion. Above is a tune played on my Wurlitzer C orchestrion.

Here are all twelve rolls! (Click labels for bigger image)


Roll No. 30142


1. My Idea Of Heaven (Fox-Trot)
2. With Someone Like You (Fox-Trot)
3. Are You Lonesome Tonight (Waltz)
4. Pretty Little Thing (Fox-Trot)
5. I Wonder Who's With You When I'm Not There (Fox-Trot)
6. Calling (Fox-Trot)
7. Positively, Absolutely (Fox-Trot)
8. Down In The Old Neighborhood (Waltz)
9. I'll Always Remember You (Fox-Trot)
10. What Will Your Eyes Say Tomorrow?(Fox-Trot)

Roll No. 30154


1. Love And Kisses (Fox-Trot)
2. Barbara (Fox-Trot)
3. It's Up To The Band (Fox-Trot)
4. It Was Only A Sun Shower (Fox-Trot)
5. Baby Feet Go Pitter Patter (Fox-Trot)
6. Just Once Again (Fox-Trot)
7. Eyes Were Never Meant For Crying (Fox-Trot)
8. I'm Coming Virginia (Fox-Trot)
9. When Day Is Done (Fox-Trot)
10. Are You Happy? (Fox-Trot)


Roll No. 30224


1. Unidentified (Fox-Trot)

2. Your Mother And Mine (Fox-Trot)

3. My Song Of The Nile (Waltz)

4. Unidentified (Fox-Trot)

5. Don't Hang Your Dreams On A  ....Rainbow (Fox-Trot)

6. Am I Just A Passing Fancy (Or Am I The One in Your Dreams?) (Fox-Trot)

7. Here We Are (Fox-Trot)

8. Unidentified (Waltz)

9. Wishing And Waiting For Love (Fox-Trot)

10. Unidentified (Fox-Trot)

Roll No. 30132


1. Take In The Sun, Hang Out The Moon (Rock Me In A Cradle Of Dreams) (Fox-Trot)

2. Yankee Rose (Fox-Trot)

3. I Crave You (Waltz)

4. He's The Last Word (Fox-Trot)

5. There's A Little White House (Fox-Trot)

6. Blue Skies (Fox-Trot)

7. Crazy Words, Crazy Tune (Fox-Trot)

8. Carolina Mine (Waltz)

9. Here Or There, As Long As I'm With You ....(Fox-Trot)

10. I've Got The Girl (Fox-Trot)

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