2021 Wurlitzer Ten-Tune A.P.P Roll Project 

When I bought my Wurlitzer C orchestrion a couple months ago, I soon played the rolls that came with my instrument enough to get tired of them. A couple were good, but many just mediocre... A few were outright terrible!

Where were the great rolls - no, outstanding rolls that you want to play again and again?

I quickly familiarized myself with Art Reblitz and Terry Hathaway's wonderful rollography in hopes to find rolls with great titles! Wurlitzer made thousands of rolls, but many of the best with all hits have never been previously been found or recut.

In May, I was able to locate 40 great rolls - only based on titles to take home and play test on my Wurlitzer. After trying each roll individually on my machine, that number reduced down to 18 rolls that I felt must be recut!

These rolls, I personally feel are the best-of-the-best narrowed down from just titles to only good arrangements. All of this music dates from the mid 1920's through the early 1930's where Wurlitzer's best music came from!

Here are all eighteen rolls! (Click labels for bigger image)

Recordings of music coming soon - because hearing is believing


These bottom three are rolls that were missing their original labels

Below pictured are simply for reference purposes - final roll labels will match closer to originals with composer information

Roll No. 30224


1. Unidentified (Fox-Trot)

2. Your Mother And Mine (Fox-Trot)

3. My Song Of The Nile (Waltz)

4. Unidentified (Fox-Trot)

5. Don't Hang Your Dreams On A  ....Rainbow (Fox-Trot)

6. Am I Just A Passing Fancy (Or Am I The One in Your Dreams?) (Fox-Trot)

7. Here We Are (Fox-Trot)

8. Unidentified (Waltz)

9. Wishing And Waiting For Love (Fox-Trot)

10. Unidentified (Fox-Trot)

Roll No. 30145


1. Colette (Fox-Trot)

2. One O' Clock Baby (Fox-Trot)

3. I Can't Believe That You're In Love With ....Me (Fox-Trot)

4. Lily (Fox-Trot)

5. One  Summer Night (Fox-Trot)

6. Gorgeous (Fox-Trot)

7. Magnolia (Fox-Trot)

8. Way Back When (Fox-Trot)

9. Let's Make Believe (Fox-Trot)

10. You Know I Love You (Fox-Trot)

Roll No. 30132


1. Take In The Sun, Hang Out The Moon (Rock Me In A Cradle Of Dreams) (Fox-Trot)

2. Yankee Rose (Fox-Trot)

3. I Crave You (Waltz)

4. He's The Last Word (Fox-Trot)

5. There's A Little White House (Fox-Trot)

6. Blue Skies (Fox-Trot)

7. Crazy Words, Crazy Tune (Fox-Trot)

8. Carolina Mine (Waltz)

9. Here Or There, As Long As I'm With You ....(Fox-Trot)

10. I've Got The Girl (Fox-Trot)

I Found A New Baby - Roll No. 30098
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