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Unidentified Music

This page is for identifying tunes that for one reason or another are unknown. Do you know the titles of any of this music? If you do - contact me, let me know which tune you've identified, and your name will be put in the 'Hall of Fame' below!

- Hall Of Fame -

For those who went above and beyond to identify the unidentified

Robbie Rhodes, Matt Jaro, Glenn Thomas, Scotty Greene, Rob DeLand, Mark Labancz, Ken Vinen,

A just found 5 tune Wurlitzer A.P.P roll in which I was only able to identify one song. All music excepting tune 1 are Wurlitzer arrangements. (Not that it would help much to know that but perhaps you may recognize the piano roll version of that tune!)

Know any of these? Contact me!

An outstanding Capitol G roll from c.1928 which was identified thanks to the help of many including Matt Jaro who had the correct roll number.

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