Wurlitzer 150 Band Organ Rolls

Music rolls for sale, all for the 54 note Wurlitzer 150 scale. This is used by a several different styles of Wurlitzer band organs including the style 145, 146, 147, 148, 153, and their variants.. Many converted organs as well as modern built band organs also play 150 rolls.

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Wurlitzer 150 Band Organ Roll: No 14543

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Sleeping Beauty - From Wurlitzer 150 Roll 14543
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Democracy - From Wurlitzer 150 Roll14543
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'Carousel Music at its Finest'  This newly arranged must-have roll features 10 marches and waltzes certain to bring the very best sound out of your band organ. Some of the most requested titles are on this roll as well as great lesser known melodies. Don't miss out - there is limited availability!

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