The 2018 Wurlitzer 150 Recutting Project

In Wurlitzer's lifetime of making band organ music, they released over 250 long-tracker Wurlitzer 150 rolls; (And around 380 short tracker rolls) many have been recut - but some of the best just hadn't been found yet!

Statistics in mind, there were around 170 Wurlitzer 153 organs made. Of the 146 and variants - there were over 400. Not even including the other organs made by Wurlitzer and conversions - there are easily over 150 original organs still in existence playing Wurlitzer 150 music. With those organs come the original Wurlitzer music, and with that - I have no doubt that every single long-tracker 150 roll still exists somewhere.

With the help of several collectors, restorers and enthusiasts - I present to you 10 never before recut Wurlitzer 150 rolls - many of which probably haven't been heard in at least 50 years!

The Rolls

These 10 rolls come from Wurlitzer's early years, the earliest roll from 1914 and the latest from 1922. While a few rolls from this era have been recut - these are seldom found compared to rolls from the late 20's through the 40's. The best part about these aren't even the rarity but the arrangements! Wurlitzer's early band organ music is often considered the best thanks to their main arranger of the time: Charles Nilson. According to the limited information that can be found on him, he was born in Germany and was an arranger for Imhof & Mukle before meeting Eugene Dekliest whom he came with to the United States. He was heavily involved with Dekliest and subsequently Wurlitzer until his death in 1924. Nilson's music is very easy to identify with certain embellishments, registers, use of percussion and rich, full chords like no other - About 85% of the music in this project are his arrangements with the others by 2 other unidentified Wurlitzer arrangers. Some of the titles are well-known standards with others hidden gems. Regardless these are certainly some of the best Wurlitzer 150 rolls ever released!


Do not miss this chance to own these fabulous rolls. Unlike recutting projects in the past - very limited copies are available and there is no guarentee of additional runs of the rolls.

The following rolls are what is being included in the project:

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Likely released summer of 1916

Missing tune 1

This magnificent roll is one that you can't help but smile through all of it. Each tune is filled with pep and character, 'Don't Bite The Hand That's Feeding You' is outstanding!

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Released September 1919

Tunes 1 and 10 are accurate new arrangements by Mikey Mills

From the hit 'I'm Forever Blowing Bubbles' to E.T. Paull's 'Spirit Of France', this roll features a variety of peppy music great for a carousel!

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Released October of 1920

Yet another example of a 'must have' roll - this features the popular waltz: 'I'll Be With You In Apple Blossom Time' as well as 2 Jerome Kern tunes from 'The Night Boat'. 

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Likely released summer of 1916

Missing tune 1

This roll features songs such as the timeless hit: 'Pretty Baby' and 'Oh! How She Could Yacki Hacki Wicki Wacki Woo'. This is certainly a roll you don't want to miss out on owning.

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Released October of 1919

This unique 7 tune roll features several show-stopper arrangements that show what the 150 scale is truly capable of. 'Glow Worm' as well as the grandiose 'Senorita' waltz are truly outstanding!

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Released March of 1922

Arguably the crown jewel of this whole project, this features extremely popular hits such as 'The Sheik Of Araby' and 'April Showers', the arrangements are remarkable!

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Released November 1917

Tune 9 is an edited 125 arrangement with the remaining tunes from identical 4 tune rolls.

Not long after the US joined World War 1, this roll was released featuring snappy hits of the day including 'Goodbye Broadway, Hello France!

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Released June of 1920

A hallmark of early Prohibition music, this features great songs such as 'All The Boys Love Mary' and Irving Berlin's hit 'I'll See You In C-U-B-A'. All great arrangements and selections!

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Released October 1922

Wurlitzer did not include tune 10 in the roll despite being listed on the original label. It is now newly, and accurately arranged by Mikey Mills.

One of - if not the best Wurlitzer 150 waltz rolls! Great arrangements including an orchestral "Three O' Clock In The Morning"

Music Samples, played on a 'Virtual' Wurlitzer 153

Scroll through to hear all 20 tunes, 2 from each roll.

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Released December 1922

Tune 1 is an accurate new arrangement by Mikey Mills

A great roll with music from the early 20's and 2 stirring marches: 'Striking Fire' and 'National Progress'.

Restoring the Music

Part of what also makes this project special is that the music has been carefully and painstakingly restored to be free of errors - be it wrong notes or tempo issues. This has never been done on any recutting project in the past, only possible due to modern technology and computer software.

Each of the original rolls were first optically scanned into MIDI making a perfect digital copy of the original roll. Then the process of completely stabilizing the tempo on each tune was taken upon; many original copies rolls had very subtle tempo changes due to perforator error, this was corrected as were errors in Wurlitzer's tempo compensator systems acting too quickly or slow. Some rolls also had a slight 'bend' of notes where notes on the right of the roll would play slightly off from the left, these were fixed as were blatantly wrong notes in the arrangements! (Back when Wurlitzer arranged these, it was understandably difficult to put a note in the exact right place while keeping in mind what notes are missing from the scale. Naturally - there would be mistakes)

After all of this is completed, the music is tempo compensated again and ready to be perforated.

What you are getting as a result is music that is near perfect, exactly as Wurlitzer intended you to hear it!

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