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Vintage Recordings

On this page are recordings of various automatic instruments that are over several decades old. Due to the age of these recordings, these do not necessarily reflect the current condition of these instruments.

The Late Seabreeze Wurlitzer 165: 1960's Recording

Recorded in the 1960's by Matthew Caulfield, this set of recordings feature 2 rolls including a nearly complete roll 6535-A which on recuts is missing tunes 1 and 2. At this time, it was also in the center of the carousel.

Roll 6535-A

1. With Sword and Lance *

3. Army and Navy

5. A Mile a Minute

7. Aurora

9. Striking Fire

* Incomplete

2. Wooing of the Waves

4. Frühlingsluft

6. Mi Teresita

8. Hearts Aflame

10. Parla = Speak

Roll 6655

1. (Missing)

3. The Day You Fall In Love

5. A Little Kiss Each Morning

7. Love Me

9. Tip-Toe Through the Tulips

2. Have a Little Faith In Me

4. A Bundle of Old Love Letters

6. (Keep Your) Sunnyside Up

8. Dream Lover

10. Beside An Open Fireplace

Central Park Ruth Model 33: C. 2006

These 4 tunes were recorded shortly after Central Park's band organ was restored in 2006. At this time, the organ was playing Wurlitzer 150 rolls on a duplex roll frame. Unlike most 150 roll organs though, the roll frames were stacked on the side of the organ leaving the back open. Today, the organ has reportedly been converted to MIDI.

1. Feather Your Nest

2. My Home Town Is A One Horse Town

3. My Mammy

4. Wandering Home