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Optical Piano Roll Scans

There have likely been millions of piano rolls arranged, punched, and sold through the years. Each year in the early 20th century brought new music which almost instantaneously turned into new music rolls. Each of these may not only can contain great music, but can also serve as a time capsule of long ago. Music rolls are the only form of media that will play exactly as they did many decades ago, and that alone is astounding!

With years passing, rolls are continually getting older and repairs can only go so far. The best way to permanently preserve them is to digitize them, and this page will be continually updated with free scans for you to enjoy.

Please note that these MIDI files are not meant to be used for actual recuts but rather just listening purposes. 

From the Mills Collection

These 88 note piano roll scans are unique being that they are optically scanned. By simply using a smart phone and a program that can 'read' the roll, a MIDI file can be created of each tune! This method isn't perfect by any means, and editing has to be done to any roll with lyrics being that the program detects either 'dark or light' marks in a roll. Regardless, enjoy this growing library of FREE 88 note piano roll midis!