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Band Organ Rolls

Listed here are rolls for band organs, and as of right now, only rolls for Wurlitzer scales are available.

All rolls here are in limited stock and can be unavailable for years after selling out - so act fast!  For your convenience, online ordering is an option from this page. In the case that ordering online isn't possible for you, feel free to Contact Me. 

For Wurlitzer 165 Scale

The Wurlitzer 165 roll is the 'Gold Standard' of American band organ music. Played by larger styles of Wurlitzer band organs such as the style 157, 164, and 165 as well as converted organs, this highly adaptive scale can beautifully and creatively play a variety of tunes with many registers, percussion, and in several keys.

Wurlitzer 165 Roll: 6614

$85 FREE Shipping

Wurlitzer 165 Roll: 6870

$85 FREE Shipping

Wurlitzer 157 at Kings Island Amusement Park

Note that a full multi-year refurbishment is underway on this band organ, but here are 3 tunes from roll 6870, available now! The style 157 plays 7 keys higher than a 165 and differs in pipework but brings an incredible and unique light to the music it plays. These newly arranged rolls are enjoyable on any organ playing 165 rolls, whether an original Wurlitzer make, conversion, or new band organ such as on the Stinson below.

Stinson Style 165 Band Organ

For Wurlitzer Caliola Scale

The Wurlitzer Caliola scale was introduced in the 20's and is based off of the Wurlitzer Automatic Player Piano Scale. Completely chromatic, the scale has room for versatility and creativity. 


Wurlitzer A.P.P/Caliola Roll: 30403

$85 FREE Shipping